Card for Week of October 1, 2012

This week we have drawn the Squirrel card.  This is signaling us to think about putting things away for a rainy day.  Life has it’s ebbs and flows, and if we plan ahead, we can comfortably weather the times when we are a bit short of resources.  What is really important about this is that you come from a place of KNOWING that there is enough for everyone…enough to go around…for you and for everyone.  You are not hiding resources from someone else, you are just making sure of your own comfort.

Several years ago we both read “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard and to this day we refer to it.  Just a little book but so full of wisdom that has especially helped us through the last few years of our cheese really being moved around!  It is a simple story about how two mice deal with changes in their lives…how they adapt or don’t.  I guess it is small animal week!  I highly recommend reading it.

In any case, when you think about buying something this week that you don’t really need, think twice about it before you decide.  Does the joy it will bring you outweigh the stress if you find yourself overextended.

Do have a great week and enjoy yourself above all!


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