Card for Week of October 8, 2012

This week we have drawn the Horse Card!  The message of this card is one of the most important things we can get comfortable about with ourselves.  Where are we in our progress of this or that?  It is really important to remember that everything and everyone of us unfolds at it’s own pace.  Moving to fast may cause failure.  Moving too slow may end up causing a decline of potential success.

So it is important to not judge ourselves or others about where we are with certain things.  Today is my 66th birthday and I start to draw Social Security today.  Am I anywhere close to where I imagined myself to be at this point it my life?  I guess it depends on when you would have asked me.  When I was 18?  When I graduated from College?  When I had a high paying corporate job?  Before the recession?  When I could barely pass English in High School because I couldn’t spell?  Only in recent years have I fancied myself as some kind of writer…so that is good, an improvement of the high school image I had of myself for so very many years.

We are comfortable in our home that we didn’t loose in the recession.  That is very good.  I have wonderful friends, a great husband, and wonderful doggies.  That is all VERY good.  Do I wish I had more money in the bank.  Most certainly, but I don’t lack for anything so what difference does that make.  It’s just a number on paper.

I just can’t measure my life by what I have and don’t have, have done and haven’t done.  I measure it by how I feel about myself, my life, and my friends and family.  And on that score I give myself an A+.

So thank you horse symbol for reminding me to take time today to “measure” where I am.  If you do the same, I bet you ALL would get an A+ today!


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  1. gail41

    Happy Birthday Robbie! Join the rest of us senior social security babies! I love your cards and your sage philosophy. Hugs, Gail

    Bob & Gail Niebrugge Niebrugge Studio PO Box 4187 Palmer AK 99645 907-746-3256 FAX 907-745-3110

    Web Site: Art Blog:

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