Card for Week of October 22, 2012

Hello loyal friends!  This week we have drawn the Dog card, which has a lot to do with loyalty!

The meaning of this card is “Selfless Love and Devotion”.  So who in your life deserves that from you.  Most certainly your family does, and good lifelong friends do too…and of course your mate!  What we learn from dogs is that dogs don’t judge.  They don’t put any conditions on their devotion to you.  That is what we can learn from them…loving without conditions.  Dogs just do it naturally but it is something most of us need to LEARN to do.

That doesn’t mean you stay in any kind of relationship that is abusive to you.  But you can love them AND yourself enough to walk away.  It is important that you not undervalue your devotion to someone or a particular organization.  It is like a gift you wrap in the most beautiful paper and present with glowing love.  If they don’t get it, then find someone who DOES!  Let your higher voice guide you this week as you ponder your loyalties and ask to be shown who appreciates you and who really doesn’t.

When you sort out who is truly important to you, be sure to tell them so…this week…before you forget to do so!


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