Card for Week of October 29, 2012

This week we have drawn the Sea Otter card.  This is a perfect reminder for all of us to keep our hearts as light as we can during times that seem so serious.  The political season is so “angry” this year.  Why is that?  Has it always been so?  I think it feels like we are deciding about our very survival this year.  This of course is not so, but it feels that way.  I reposted an image last week or so on facebook of a bluebird, with the comments that wouldn’t it be wonderful if the left wing and the right wing worked together to lift those in the middle!!!!!

I have some wonderful news too to share with you.  I am going to relaunch my Voice of the Soul web site in the next week or so and will be showing many new products to help you uplift your relationship with your higher self.  Also I will be moving this blog to that new address as they tell me it helps draw traffic to the web site itself.  I will keep you posted!

I also want to share a little story with you.  Yesterday I was ironing many of my shirts that have been waiting a long time for me to iron them.  There were 20 shirts and there are another 20 still waiting!  As I was ironing, I thought about what the day would be like when I wore each shirt.  I was putting energy into making sure the wrinkles were gone, then thought I should also put energy into the shirt that would make me extra happy, helpful, and healthy the day I wore it at some point in the future.  Just had to share!

Have a great week everyone, and soon all the political anger will be gone from our lives for a while any way.  Meanwhile try a little laughter about the ‘dog and pony show’ we are watching and ask every time “Was that the dog or the pony speaking just now?”  Also we are all hoping that the East Coast survives this terrible storm with no damage or loss of life.  Let it be so!


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