This week we have drawn the Butterfly card.  This is the week to be social for sure! Sometimes being around certain people that you are OBLIGATED to be around at this special holiday can be taxing, but no matter what, try to keep the conversations uplifting.  If you just love to pieces everyone who will be gathered around the banquet, all the better!

I am thankful for so very many things this Thanksgiving.  First, the Pechanga band of Indians announced that they were able to purchase the  Pu’eska Mountain.  We have been trying not to refer to it as the possible site of Liberty Quarry, and now that name goes away, as does the potential disaster the quarry would have been for all of us in the valley.


Second, I am proud to announce that the revised Voice of the Soul website is complete (!  Now the blog and the products are all in one location!  I won’t be posting on this WordPress location any more, so if you want to keep being notified when I make a post, please go to the blog page there and register again.  And while you are there, please look at the WONDERFUL new products I have just released to help you get in touch with your higher voice!  Time to shop for Christmas presents for yourself and family and friends!  Spread the word! Go to:

And of course I am thankful for my wonderful husband and dogs, the beautiful weather, all my wonderful new friends, etc., etc., etc.!!!!!!  Just not room here to celebrate how happy and grateful I am!  I hope you all feel the same way! Love and Light to you all, Robbie


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