cards-tall2:cards/tallThis week we have drawn the horse card.  The meaning for this card is “Appropriate Time, Movement”.  This reminds us that we shouldn’t be measuring the pace of our progress or the progress of a project we are working on by the progress someone else is making.  Trust that you are moving at just the right pace.  We are reminded that a plow horse can’t win a race, and a race horse can’t pull much of a load…but they are both indeed horses and magnificent at that.

The other thing this card brings to mind is that the horse can be a symbol of inner support.  As we have evolved technically, we need the physical support of horses less and less, at least in the industrialized world. But they can still symbolize the support of our own inner guidance system, our own support system that is there at all times, ready to serve.  That system doesn’t judge the pace of progress, but is always there ready to help “pull your load” when asked.

The world is seeming a little “frantic” these days with “fiscal cliffs” hanging over our heads and the stress of holidays upon us.  If you start to feel that, just take a moment and ask your inner guidance to “pace the race” for you.  Just do what you can every day and know that you are doing ALL that you can…all that is appropriate.

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  1. Another great card. I can relate this week filing IDEA as a non profit.

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