Card for Week of December 10, 2012

Clear Blue SkyThis week we have drawn the Clear Blue Sky card.  The meaning is: Clarity!  If you have been unclear about a situation or observation, at this time it is coming into a more clear focus.  It may feel like you have just put on glasses that you needed for the first time, or like you are looking through a telescope. If there is something you have been trying to decide what to do about, now might be a good time to make that decision.

This week we will experience 12/12/12.  Talk about things being brought into focus!  This is an awesome and powerful time to be here on this beautiful planet. This card can also mean that it is a good time to go outside and take a look at the sky, at the sun, at the stars at night if you can see them where you are.  Notice how the sun shines through the leaves in the trees.  If it is snowing outside, look for the beautiful crystals that can form on your windows. Look for the bright and shiny places in your life.  There are always some of those if you look for them.

Have a truly wonderful and “clear” week!  If you think of it, go to and click on the blog link.  In the near future, all the blog posts will be made from there so be sure to sign up to receive these blogs from there.


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