Card for Week of December 17, 2012

Please note that I am moving my blog to my website,, so there will only be two more posts here.  Please go to the web site, go to the blog link, and sign up to receive the blog posts from there.  Now, here is this weeks message!

This week we have agaiValley Cardn drawn the Valley card, which holds the meaning: Comfort.  The purpose of these cards, and actually everything I do, is to encourage each of us to be our own adviser.  So when I tell you what these cards mean, it goes against what I am trying to help people learn to do for themselves.  Each of us has all our own answers, and drawing a card from this deck just helps you become more clear about things that you already know.

So this week, I will tell you what this card means for ME and then you decide what it means for you.  Better yet, if you don’t have a set, you can buy the set for your iPhone or iPad for $1.99 by searching the App store for Voice of the Soul Message Cards!  Or of course order a set from  Or use any deck of message cards that you may have.  So, on to what this means for me!

This year has held a lot of stress for me, some good and some challenging!  As I reached the end of the year, I was starting to feel like I “hadn’t done enough” and was running out of time as the year is almost over.  Then I had lunch with a good friend and she reminded me that my job at this moment in time is to “hold the light” as much as possible.  That meant I needed to turn off the worry part of myself and relax and, well, be comfortable with my life and myself!  I can pick up the pace in January again, but for now, for this time, I am to be very very content with life and what I have done with it.  After last weeks events, that is even harder, but I am glad I was already in this more positive mode….it made it possible to weather the storm and to help uplift others around me.

I hope this is a helpful message for you.  Let me know what this means to you!

Happy Holidays to all.



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4 responses to “Card for Week of December 17, 2012

  1. 1patrickmurphy1

    Robbie, I Love This! You are so cool. Best, Patrick

  2. 1patrickmurphy1

    I am going to have a studio in that cottage one day :-). Patrick

  3. Ohhh, I really, really liked this! Keep shining your light, Robbie!

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