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I just wanted to remind you all that I have moved my blog to my web site.  Go to and click on the blog tab and register there if you still want to receive these by email.  I’m going to post this weeks here for you anyway, as we have a lot to deal with this week.  Robbie

Card for Week of April 15, 2013

Flower CardFor this week we have drawn the Flower card, with the meaning: Appreciation.  Today we watched some bad news on TV about Boston and it is really hard not to let events like that get us OUT of a state of appreciation.  But when I spoke to my friend Sandi on the phone, she reminded me that our goal is to not let something like that pull our energy down.  That doesn’t mean you don’t care.  That doesn’t mean you can’t shed a tear or two as I did that so much pain was caused by someone who must have been in pain himself.  So feel it, then turn to a flower…even a photo of one on the computer, and let the beauty lift you back up again.

There is so much “bad stuff” in the world but many of us believe that the best way to combat that stuff is to bring as much energy of a higher level to the planet as we can.  This is not an easy habit to get into.  There was a plan to build a HUGE quarry less than two miles for our home and we did our best to stop it for 8 years.  My challenge the whole 8 years was to keep my energy positive about it NOT happening instead of being angry about the possibility of it happening.  It nearly almost did get approved, but in the end, it is gone now…for good.  I appreciate that the situation gave me a great opportunity to “walk my talk” and not get negative about it all the time…just sometimes!  I made art sculptures in the back yard, I made a spiritual film and invited the “gods” to come to the mountain, along with many practical things like designing flyers to fund raising events etc.

So do the best you can today to send “light” to those poor folks in Boston.  Send them your own visual flower to lighten the burden on their hearts today.


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