About Robbie

Robbie Adkins was born in Southern California shortly after WWII.  She was able to grow up feeling safe and was able to explore all that this abundant world had to offer.  There were of course limitations, but those caused her to start questioning everything…to become a seeker.

After graduating from college with a degree in Graphic Communication, she started her very successful career as a graphic designer/illustrator.  She won a guest editorship to Mademoiselle Magazine and went to New York to work as an intern for the month after her graduation.  Her professional career included positions such as magazine art director and director of corporate communications for an emerging information company.  She received many awards along the way, such as a Gold Medal from the LA Art Directors and a Best of Show from the Communication Arts group of San Diego.

In her twenties, she took up the sport of skydiving and was in a world record formation made with all women.  She then moved on to the emerging sport of hang gliding and was the only woman to qualify to compete in the Hang Gliding Nationals in 1974.

Her whole life she has had a acute appetite for learning about all things spiritual with an emphasis on how we create our own reality.  She has been influenced, among many others, by the teachings of Jesus Christ, Jane Roberts and the Seth materials, Native American teachings, the I-Ching, Abraham-Hicks (www.abraham-hicks.com), Alice A. Bailey and the teachings of the Tibetan (www.sevenray.net) and most recently, Tony Burroughs and The Intenders of the Highest Good (www.intenders.com).

She currently lives happily in Temecula with her husband Dale Polk and their two loving dogs


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